Diverse Needs, Diverse Resources

Diverse Music Learners a site for music teachers to access tools and resources that other educators are using effectively while teaching diverse learners.

Our Vision

Diverse Music Learners is a project integrated by five Massachusetts based musicians and music educators that have encountered diverse learners in all kind of teaching environments. In order to better serve our students we wondered what other educators were doing and what they needed to better serve their students. We created a survey (you can find the data summary below) and this site aims to address the needs that other educators shared with us.

Survey Data Summary

Who are diverse learners?

While we recognize that everybody learns in different ways, some students will require additional strategies or modifications beyond their peers to best suit their needs. Diverse learners may have a diagnosis or they may not, but they do have unique strengths and areas of growth. Diverse music learners may have attention issues, specific learning differences, executive functioning challenges, processing differences, physical differences, mental illnesses, social-emotional needs, be considered gifted & talented, be English language learners, and may be below, above, or at grade level. 


We have gathered and created over 150 resources for your students. Check them out!

We have included:

Classroom Teaching (Early Childhood, PK-12 general music, instrumental, vocal and music production), Private Teaching, Printables and PDFs, Musicianship Skills, Music History, Adaptations/Modifications, Multimedia and Apps

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Come in and share your questions, concerns or that super helpful resource you discovered this week!

This is a platform that aims to serve you and your students in a very practical way. We ambition to build a community of dedicated music educators that will grow stronger by questioning ourselves and helping each other.

Diverse Music Learners is possible thanks to…


The Music Educator and Teaching Artist (META) Fellowship, a partnership of The Klarman Family Foundation and Mass Cultural Council, seeks to strengthen youth music pathways in Massachusetts, recognizing the critical role educators play in supporting youth, connecting them to opportunities, and providing mentorship.

Mass Cultural Council

Mass Cultural Council works to elevate our rich cultural life in Massachusetts. We partner with communities across the Commonwealth to expand access, improve education, promote diversity, and encourage excellence in the arts, humanities, and sciences. Through our efforts, we make our state a better place to live, work, and visit for everyone.

The Klarman Family Foundation

At The Klarman Family Foundation, we seek to identify areas of unmet need and to advance solutions to addressing them. We believe passionately in the promise and importance of creative thinking, strategic leadership and strong organizations to help bring about change. Our intention as a Foundation is to help make measurable progress in improving the lives of others.

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