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    Miles Wilcox

    Anyone have students with visual impairments working on reading music? Would love to pick your brains!


    Hi Miles!
    I have been working with a visually impaired piano student for a few years now and particularly this year when the music has become harder to learn by rote and even more now with distance learning we’ve been using an iPad. He can enlarge as much as he wants the score and since it’s saved on the drive I can add marks and comments to it.
    There also some programs that will play the song for you showing the score and you can enlarge the pic. We’ve used Musescore before
    This one looks quite professional:-)!
    Play score is an app that you tae a pic and plays it or you. I feel is more like cheating but it could also be very helpful…


    Not specific to reading, but I do find NAfME’s article “Strategize for Students with Vision Loss” helpful:


    Thanks, Music Learner Boston!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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